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We Are Excited To Announce We Now Stock Drakenberg Sjölin Silver Jewellery




Marlborough Open Studios Preview Evening

Ring at Preview

The Mayor and David





















A big thank you to all of you who were able to join us for a wonderful evening previewing some of the fantastic art for Marlborough Open Studios 2016.

Marlborough Open Studios 2016

We are proud to announce that we are the lead sponsor for Marlborough Open Studios 2016. We have supported this wonderful event for a number of years and we have watched MOS go from strength to strength. 

MOS advert
















David Dudley welcomes Lapponia









Galactic Peaks by Lapponia


New Collections from Italy

Diva by Ponte Vecchio

Diva by Ponte Vecchio

Enterprising Wiltshire Awards

We are proud to announce that we have made it to the finals in the Independent Retailer category 2014.


Diamond Celebration Ball

David Dudley Jeweller was proud to sponsor the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Ball on 10th May 2013 at Marlborough Town Hall. The celebration ball brought together supporters and raised funds to ensure that the Wiltshire Air Ambulance will keep on flying and save lives.

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Elizabeth Taylor Movie & Jewellery Night

On Thursday 18th October we held a charity evening previewing the Elizabeth Taylor jewellery pieces that David purchased at the Christie's auction in New York. We had a champagne reception followed by the screening of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". The generous support of our customers helped raise over £2,500 for Hope and Homes for Children and The Neuro Foundation UK. We would like to thank Cook of Marlborough for the delicious canapés and Kim Vine, Royal Ascot, Hallmark Photography, Rejuvenesce and Whatley Manor for the fantastic raffle prizes. A heartfelt thank you goes to all who helped on the night, the film crew from Kennet Valley Arts Trust, the Town Hall and those who were unable to attend but generously sent donations. The jewellery is now on display at our Showroom, so please visit us and view these pieces which belonged to one of the world's most iconic women.


Best Jeweller in Wiltshire

David Dudley has been awarded the Best of Wiltshire Award and was voted best jewellers by the readers of the Gazette & Herald Wiltshire newspaper.


Open Letter to Retail Jeweller Magazine

We are all aware of the horrors that are being inflicted on the people of Zimbabwe by their President Robert Mugabe. This wonderful country was once the breadbasket of Africa, and now, because of President Mugabe's actions and atrocities it is the poorest country in Africa. A very moving speech given by Senator Rob Bennett in Paris on 12th November 2010 made it very clear how President Mugabe has suppressed his people by military force, torture and murder. It has come to my attention how China is clearly supporting President Mugabe. The discovery of the Murange Diamond Mine and its valuable resources has resulted in China taking full control of this mine, using its own Chinese labour force and flying the diamonds directly back to China for polishing - no Zimbabwean has any contact with the operation. The arrangement is that China gives President Mugabe cash and military arms to control his people by force. The £800bn from the mine will never be used to help the starving people of Zimbabwe or to revitalise the country. All this information is freely available and articles have been published in the Daily Mail and other tabloids. What is the Kimberly Process doing to stop this trade in these blood diamonds? - Nothing. They are behaving like toothless tigers. The public are becoming very aware of our lack of action on this issue and are quite rightly beginning to question our integrity. How can we, the retailer, take some positive action? By obtaining blood diamonds from Zimbabwe at an artificially low value the Chinese diamond jewellery business is able to sell cheap diamond jewellery to the Western world. The Chinese diamond industry is now dependant on exporting their goods to us. Unless the Chinese suppliers can prove an ethical route to market, we must stop buying this jewellery and we must make China accountable. As from 2011 I have decided not to purchase Chinese jewellery and to continue supporting British and European manufacturers. Many manufacturers are closing down because of these cheap imports and that concerns me. Our finest craftsmen are loosing their jobs and slowly but surely our great heritage of being the finest in the world will be gone forever. The Goldsmiths' Company Technical Journal (Issue No 12) informs us of the fantastic new building being constructed to accommodate the state of the art facilities for our young craftsmen. How wonderful is that, but if all our manufacturers close down because we continue purchasing poor quality imports what will be their future in 20 years time when they should be reaching their prime? By making a moral stance on blood diamonds we will also be supporting the future of our own industry. We can compete! Say ­NO to blood diamonds from China and be proud to give our customers the finest and the best from the UK and Europe. David Dudley