David Dudley is a recognised designer and award winning jeweller specialising in British and European fine jewellery of top quality and distinctly different design. 

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Emerald and Diamond Brooch Emerald and Diamond Cluster Necklace

Emerald - May

The Emerald is the birthstone of May and traditionally symbolises fidelity, goodness and love. Emeralds were mined in the Cleopatra Emerald mines in Egypt as early as 2000BC and are considered by many as the most beautiful of all the coloured gemstones.

The colour of Emerald varies from a deep green to a pale and watery green.

Today fine rich velvety green Emeralds are extremely rare, but David Dudley has sourced some very beautiful Emerald jewellery for his collection.

Emerald and Diamond Stud Earrings Emerald and Diamond Heart Necklace
Emerald Drop Earrings Emerald and Diamond Eternity Ring Emerald and Diamond Pendant
Emerald Cut Emerald Ring