David Dudley is a recognised designer and award winning jeweller specialising in British and European fine jewellery of top quality and distinctly different design. 

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White Opal and Diamond Earrings Opal and Sapphire Ring

Opal - October

Opal, the birthstone of October, derives its name from the Latin word 'opalus', meaning precious jewel. Prized for its unique ability to reflect light, ancient monarchs treasured Opals, both for their beauty and their protective powers. Opals were set in crowns and necklaces to ward off evil and to protect eyesight. These gemstones were also ground and ingested for their healing properties and to ward off nightmares! A gift of an Opal is symbolic of faithfulness and confidence.

David Dudley has always been passionate about Opals and has been dedicated to putting together a beautiful collection of Opal jewellery, including Black Opal and Fire Opal.

Opal pendant Graduated Opal Ring
Opal Bracelet